INTRODUCING: Cherry Blossom Branch, Celebrate Script

Hey, hey we made it to the final day of Intros! Today's introduction is a beauty! It is none other than Cherry Blossom Branch designed by the lovely Anna Osvald! I saw Anna posted a cherry blossom image on Instagram and immediately told her we needed it to be a stamp! Pronto! I'm super happy she was able to make it happen because I love it more and more every time I look at it.

Cherry Blossom Branch ties into the Lunar new year theme very nicely. In Asian cultures, cherry blossoms signifies new beginnings and hope for a bright future. I also noted that cherry blossoms are one of the first flowers to bloom after a cold, long and often brutal Winter here in New York. I live by a park, so I always take notice every March when the temperatures are still unbearable, but the cherry blossom trees start to bloom. It is one of the most beautiful sights, and such a welcome one in the midst of the cold. Anyway, yes, they signify new beginnings and new hopes! They are perfect to send in cards if you want to convey that message or if you just like pretty flowers! :)

Last little product reveal is this Celebrate Script hand-lettered by moi!

Let's see what Rina's got for us today!

[Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube]

So pretty, right?! I love the colors and I love the pairing of the Celebrate Script and sentiment Rina chose from Cherry Blossom Branch. Such a peaceful, serene card ... so different from our usual cuteness overload, lol.

Well that's it! Release is TONIGHT at 12AM EST! Inspiration Stampede with all the new goodies and our stellar Design Team is tomorrow at 9am! Make sure you come by! Ciao!!



Hi, today is day 3 of Intros and we're jumping right into the cows! Or, uhm right, we're calling them oxes. Zodiac Ox! This is set #2 of 12 of the Zodiac series we're bringing to you throughout the next few releases. (Don't worry, you won't have to wait years, haha, I saw a comment from a rabbit! :)

Zodiac Ox is in the same bubbly, squishy, oh so cute style as Zodiac Mouse of course. This makes it super easy to pair them together in projects!

Check out Rina's video for today.

[Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube]

How cute is her card?! No, really! She didn't use any Chinese/Lunar new year colors, just showing you how fun this set is if you omit the word "Zodiac", it's just a fun cow/ox set! Love this cute scene!

We're almost there! Last Intro is tomorrow! Moo-chas grass-ias for stopping by today. :)


INTRODUCING: Lunar Sayings, Sakura Lanterns

Good morning, crafty friends! We are introducing Lunar Sayings and Sakura Lanterns today - both in line with this month's Lunar theme. Judging from the buzz, it seems many of you are loving it!

First intro is Lunar Sayings, pretty straight forward, right? You get 5 stylized Chinese greetings. They come with little translations on the side to help you! The translations are not stamps, they're just there to help! We also included a fun Happy New Year balloon for... you know, new year's if you choose to use it for the general new year celebration! There are also some really great fortune blessing and overall good vibin' sentiments in English to wish your recipient a happy, prosperous and wonderful new year! These are great for the inside of your cards.

Also new is this A2 sized die called Sakura Lanterns. I'm really digging this one because there is so much you can do with it! You can create a beautiful outdoor cherry blossom scene with the large frame. I like to cut it and then watercolor in the floral blooms. Super excited to see what you do with that piece!

I'm also excited for the 3 fun lanterns. The little bits and pieces at the bottom are to give your lanterns some color! Rina will show you in the video below!

[Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube]

This color scheme is just soooo swoon-worthy! The trio of coral lanterns is so unexpected and gorgeous!

That mini card with the traditional red and gold lanterns is just the cutest! I love this mini card set, Rina really showed you just how versatile Lunar Sayings is!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you LOVE the new goodies and are crushin' on Rina's projects as much as I am!


INTRODUCING: Zodiac Mouse, Fortune Envelope

Super excited to have you here today. We are starting the Intros with a new series of stamp designs with the namesake Zodiac. As I alluded to in yesterday's post, everyone has a zodiac sign, it's somewhat similar to an astrology sign, but different! In America, we observe the Gregorian calendar, in other parts of the world (and my parents), people also observe the Lunar Calendar. Every year represents an animal in the zodiac sign, 12 total. Our Lunar Animals set was released maybe 4-5 years ago. It showcased all 12 of the zodiac animals in one set. For the next 6 releases, we will be releasing 2 sets of animals in each release until we cover all 12! Each animal gets its own set! We thought this is the perfect time to introduce this series as the mouse (or rat) is the very first animal in the zodiac order! Following the mouse is the ox or cow, and you'll see that being introduced in a couple of days as well. The Lunar New Year falls on January 25, 2020 in the upcoming year!

Whew! I hope you were able to follow along so far! So, here is the bubbly mouse set for today's Intro. What you'll notice and love is that these Zodiac sets are designed with everyone in mind. it doesn't matter if you're into the whole Lunar celebration or not, it's versatile and can be used to celebrate anything you want! You'll see that in each Zodiac set, we include a bunch of fun accessories for the animals. The accessories work from one set to another, so you get the most out of each set! Collect the entire collection!

Also new is something we've been working on for a few years now. Yes, years. I know, that sounds ridiculously long for a product to come into development, but the idea was actually suggested by our friends at Day by Day Crafts Store in Hong Kong. We had traveled to Hong Kong in 2015 for a visit and did a demo at their store. At that time, we released Lucky Envelope already, which was intended to fit "lucky money" to give out during Lunar New Year. Our friends said they wished we would have something a bit bigger to fit Hong Kong Dollars folded in half, which in comparison to the US dollar is bigger. So, we came up with this after having it in the back burner for awhile.

What is special about Fortune Envelope is that  it is the first design set that we are testing out with a new manufacturer. As this is a large scaled die, we really wanted to explore our options and bring the cost of this down so it is affordable. We are happy to say that you will see a 30% saving versus the norm!

Anyway, we love this die set. We had to throw in the very traditional and most famous Chinese character that means blessed or good fortune. It's the most generic word used to wish people happiness, luck, and all things good! You can use this for birthdays, weddings, and of course lucky red envelopes to celebrate Lunar New Year. Just remember to slip in some cash when giving to your recipient! ;)

Let's watch Rina floor us with her video Intro today.

[Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube]

Don't you just love how Rina showed us how awesome these designs are and how they can be used beyond Lunar New Year? But I do love the festive Lunar projects she created oh so much!

The gold against the gold is gorgeous!!!

And how sweet is the 3D pop up card using these cute bubbly mice?! The mini me balloon cracks me up! So darn cute!

And finally, look at this sweet little note card using the heart from Fortune Envelope.

Thank you for stopping by today! Please let us know what you think of the new Zodiac series, always happy to hear your feedback!



Hello and welcome to our November Release kick-off! We always start with Previews and jump right into Introductions that lead up to the release and Stampede (blog hop)!

We are so excited to bring you a little something different this month! We are swapping out our winter gear and exchanging our white snowy cards for some festive red and gold! As we approach the end of the year, not only is Christmas and all things wintery on our minds, we're also looking forward to the new year in 2020. We have a very diverse customer fan base here at Mama Elephant and many of you celebrate the Lunar New Year as well! We've ditched Valentine's this year to celebrate Lunar New Year Mama Elephant style! It's been a few years since we released Lunar Animals and Lunar Extras, we decided to add to it this year (and the coming year). When I say "add to it", I really mean it! I will elaborate more on that tomorrow, but I think these previews are as big of a hint as you're gonna get!

First peek is the leader of the pack. Everyone has a zodiac sign, according to the lunar year you were born. There are 12 animals total, and the winner of the race is the mouse, so he begins the cycle of the zodiac and is naturally one of the first to be released! You will love this set as it is designed with everyone in mind, whether or not you celebrate the Lunar new year or not! 

The next is the ox, or the cow! He is just as cute as the mouse and comes ready with so many accessories! My favorite is that balloon. Hint, they all have their own mini me balloons!

To help you really celebrate, we came up with this wonderful bilingual Lunar Sayings sentiment set to celebrate the new year. The set is complete with mini translations for those of us who can't read Chinese (me!), so it's super helpful! Not only do you have the traditional Chinese blessings, we've got some playful English sentiments as well to really round out the set!
Last but not least for previews is this gorgeous Cherry Blossom Branch set. Cherry blossoms have a special significance as it represents Spring and the promise of new life. They are the first flowers to bloom after the harsh Winter, even as snow is melting. Such a beautiful meaning, right? And this set is truly gorgeous!

We hope you love the previews! Rina will be here all week long starting tomorrow to show off her festive projects! We hope to see you! :)