April Stampede Winners


Congratulations to this month's Stampede Winners!

Please email mamaelephant.winner@gmail.com with your information! 
You have 48 hours!



Welcome to day 4 of our Stamp Highlights! Today we are swinging it with the new Swinging Borders stamp set! These borders make fun backgrounds and accents to any project!

These swinging borders are the perfect background! Don't feel like colouring them in? Then just add colours on top of them!

Amy created a fun patterned background using the Swinging Borders for this sweet celebration card!

Rainbow party lights? Yes, please! We love how Laura added a few swinging monkeys from Little Monkey Agenda to her party lights.
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Vera combined the Swinging Borders stamp set with the images from Little Monkeys Agenda and Birthday Monkeys to make this cute birthday card!
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Hi all! Today we are highlighting Luli Bunny's newest stamp set, Birthday Monkeys! They sure know how to party!

 For this adorable birthday card Amy used the Birthday Monkeys with the Swinging Borders, and Tags a Lot - Creative Cut.

 Laura combined the Birthday Monkeys with the bicycle from Tandem Ride and a sentiment from Labeled Messages.
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What a party of monkeys! We love that bright background!

Hooray! we're celebrating this little monkey's birthday!

Nichol customized a Swinging Border with Lots of Letters creating the perfect border for the Birthday Monkeys.



Hello! Welcome back for Day 2 of Stamp Highlights! Today we are framing all our little special moments!

Such a sweet card by Vera! We love how she framed the boy and the girl little agenda with Little Agenda Frames.

Adorable card Amy combining the Little Agenda Frames with the Little Monkey Agenda!

Laura added monkeys from Little Monkey Agenda to her ink blended frames along with a sentiment from the Occasional Labels.



Today is the first day of our April's Stamp Highlights and we are starting with the Little Monkey Agenda stamp set! Perhaps it is because these little monkeys can't seem to stay still! ;) The team had so much fun with them!

Amy used the birthday sentiment from Labeled Messages stamp set to makes this cute card!

We love the different scenes Pamela created with our little monkeys!


Here is a friendship card by Vera. She combined the Window Frame from Peek a Frame Creative Cuts with the Hello Friend Script Creative Cuts.
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Laura trimmed down the Grid Window-Creative Cuts to frame her cute monkeys including a sentiment from Little Agenda Frames.

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Nichol created a jungle scene with Little Monkey Agenda friends, Swinging Borders, and framed it all up with the Tri Window Creative Cuts Die frame.