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First Look: Inline Letters

Inline Letters is the companion set to Flashy Letters. We took the base of Flashy Letters, took out the bulbs/dots, and switched them out with a single, sleek line for a modern look! 

Inline Letters contains a total of 36 stamps. Approximate measurement: 3/4” in height. You will love that the coordinating Creative Cuts die set work with both Inline Letters and Flashy Letters. We're all about loving all our stamps, past and present equally and helping you make the most of your ME collection! 

Now the thing about the coordinating dies, because they are smaller in scale, the dies were designed to not cut a white border/space. I found a really easy, foolproof way to line up the stamped image to the dies for perfect placement every single time!

Here, let me show you an example of the perfect alignment I am talking about...

See? Perfect, right?

I pulled out a lot of older sets to create this card. The large flowers are from Lovely Mums - I inked them up in Blush and Eggplant and cut them out. The floral dots/sprays are from Water Blooms, I went back in with my white gel pen to accentuate some of the dots. The script "wishing you" is from So Breezy. The circle love stamp is from On Target.

At first I was stamping on top of the die cut letters. I've never been good at eyeballing through a thick acrylic block, so I was getting all these messed up letters. Instead of stamping on top of the die cut, I flipped it around. I inked the stamps first, turned it to its back on the table and pressed the die cut on top of the inked stamp. The stamp and die cut are the same size, so you just fit one on top of the other. Perfect alignment.

Here's a quick video showing you how I do it, and how easy it is! 

I just love these big bold letters!!! Isn't the Apple ink just the perfect red color?!

Here's a card using just the dies.

HOT DAMN they look good in glitter! And oh yes, those are sequin stamps! More of that coming soon!

Thanks for coming by today. Hope you enjoyed my first crafty video, all 28 second of it, lol!


  1. Love your new dies and stamps font!! And I knew those were sequin stamps from the other day's preview!! So fun! Lovely cards too! Great tip on stamping the die cuts, that works quite well!!

  2. Very nice alphabets...will have to watch the super quick video now.

  3. I need these in my life! Like the feather set, I have been waiting to invest in the perfect letter stamp/die combo and here it is! I love this soooo much! Seriously awesome! I can't wait to order!!! Great cards again today! So much inspiration.

  4. Pretty awesome! Love the cards :)

  5. These letters look like lots of fun! And I can't wait to see more of the sequin stamps!!! YAY!

  6. Loved the video! Quick and to the point. Perfect!

  7. Fabulous new letter set and your video = awesome! Time for some ME to come to my house...

  8. I am very new to your shop and can't find this die. Is it also part of the new release or no longer available?

    1. Kimberly, it is a new release -- available on the 15th.

    2. Yay because I thought I was going crazy trying to find it in the shop. Even more excited about the release now!

  9. I love learning new things amazing work!

  10. These letters look amazing - can't wait for them to be released.

  11. Oh yesss! Kryssi, I love the new stamps and of course love the dies because I have the Flashy Letters already. I'm so happy that the dies coordinate with more than one stamp set. The next coordinating letter stamps should have a scribbled texture..hint hint wink wink.

  12. P.S. Thanks for the tutorial. Genius!

  13. I am LOVING this new release, and your cards are gorgeous, Kryssi!
    Thanks for the quick tutorial, too :-)


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