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Designer Series: Love Quotes with Jenn Biederman

Morning, it's Jenn! I hope you all had a great Christmas! Before you head out for those after-Christmas steals, check out this layout and interactive card using the Love Quotes set.

I love all the elements of this set. The speech bubble is darling, and worked well with the birds that I added.


The new Love Quotes and Landscape Trio Creative Cuts added some originality to this layout, along with the Inline Letters Creative Cuts in that perfect pink glitter POW paper. The Landscape Trio grounded my photo and balanced out the layers. I also cut an Embellished Tag out of vellum to add another textured layer to the page.


Here are some detailed photos:


I also created a card using matching papers/colors. This card has an interactive element allowing one of the birds to slide on a track up to the other bird. I've included some photos of the process.


I created my base and pocket by diecutting the 3 1/2 x 5 background with the Landscape Trio Creative Cuts. I shortened up and diecut the front polka-dot piece and sewed the pieces together to create the pocket.


I cut the birds using the Love Quotes Creative Cuts and inked them up a little bit with the Lollipop Creative Color Pigment Ink...


Now here is where I used my X-acto knife and cut a small thin strip down a path on the front of the pocket (be sure to use a thicker piece of cardboard behind the front pocket to avoid cutting through the back). This is going to be the track for the bird to follow.

You will also want to cut a tag using the Embellished Tag Creative Cuts.

I placed a thicker piece of vellum (you can use a heavy weight cardstock too, but this is what I reached for) onto the back and folded the piece. The vellum didn't add a ton of thickness, yet was strong enough to move up and down the track,

I glued the back of the folded part, then carefully lifted up the flap enough to allow the glued piece to slide through. Press down well once placed in the lowest position (the tag needs to be in the lowest position too).


I ended up switching out my pink tag to the thicker chipboard. I punched a hole and tied on brown polka-dot ribbon. Once I pulled the tag all the way up, I stamped the We Belong Together sentiment onto the tag.


The sentiment and motion of pulling the birds together worked out so well! This is what the card looks like prior to pulling on the tag...


Now the birds are together. Love!


I hope you enjoyed today's layout and card! Emily will be back here tomorrow with some more creative goodness!

Catch you later!


  1. I love this, so adorable! I cannot get over the tag and the moving bird.

  2. Holy Cow...this is so sweet it makes my teeth ache.

  3. Wow! You are so creative! Love the layout and the tag is so FUN and CUTE!

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