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Guest Designer: Donna Mikasa

Donna Mikasa is back with us today with 3 cards featuring Make a Wish. Make a Wish will be back in stock later this week along with a huge restock of everything else. Thanks for all your patience!


Hello! Today I’m sharing some cards using Make a Wish, my favorite set from the new release. Using Post-It Tape, I masked off a square area on the front of the card, and ink distressed several colors of Distress inks inside the square. I also flicked some water, and dried the inked area thoroughly with a heat tool.

The sentiment and stars were gold embossed and on all three cards, they were placed in different areas, giving them three different looks.

I love the collaboration between Pauline Ibarra and Mama Elephant and look forward to future sentiments from her. I know they will be awesome!


  1. Very teh combos of color...the stamp in gold is awesome!

  2. Love the colors on the card as well as the embossing. Can't want until this set is in stock. :)

  3. Love the intensity of the colors and droplets of water! The gold embossing is awesome! Way to rock this guest DT, Donna!

  4. wow these are all amazing.. fabulous designing..

  5. Wow!! Such beautiful cards!! I LOVE the gold embossing over the distressed areas!! It's such a stunning way to create a one layer card!!

  6. I love the clean clear design of your card so much. thank you for the inspiration

  7. I truly love these three cards, the colors are so vibrant and cheerful. In the future would you PLEASE list the colors that you use to create these wonderful blends? Thank you.

    1. Kelly, if you stop by my blog, you'll see the inks that I used on my cards.

  8. Love these cards! I love Donna's use of color! TFS

  9. Stunning cards! Love the blending♥

  10. Wonderful cards love the different colors you chose this is a great set!

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