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Designer Series: Up and Away with Nichol Magouirk (video)

Hello everyone! Nichol here today with three new cards and a video tutorial showcasing the new Up and Away Creative Cuts dies!

I loved the Up and Away Stamp Set when it was released awhile back, but now with the addition of the Up and Away Creative Cuts dies, it has quickly become one of my favorite stamp and die combinations that I use over and over, no fussy cutting required. (Which, for me, is always a good thing!).

I created a trio of cards to share with you today, showcasing a couple of fun ways to use the Up and Away Stamp Set with the Up and Away Creative Cuts dies.


The cloud border die from the Landscape Trio Creative Cuts makes the most perfect cloud backgrounds. I paired the vellum and white cardstock clouds with the Femme Frames Creative Cuts to "frame up" all the fun stamped and die cut elements on my cards.


I colored my stamped images with colored pencils, blended with Gamsol and "dressed up" the critters with white pen accents on their tummies and cheeks. The tiny bow from the Party Kit Stamp Set and the coordinating Party Kit Creative Cuts is a sweet addition to a couple of my critters to make them a bit more "girly".



Greetings from the Up and Away Stamp Set and Hustle Stamp Set inked and stamped with Versamark and embossed with crisp, white embossing powder pop against the vellum.


Confetti sprinkled throughout the cards from the Confetti Creative Cuts dies is the perfect finishing touch.


HOW TO: Up & Away Creative Cuts

Want to see the monkey stamp and die from the Up and Away Stamp Set and Up and Away Creative Cuts used on a card? Check out my February Stampede Card, I Appreciate You, HERE.
Thanks for hanging out with me today!


  1. Beautiful cards! Just love everything about them! Super sweet images, great coloring, love the confetti!

  2. Nichol, you added so many special touches that make these cards awesome. The femme frames are fantastic and give the card class. I love it. The vellum layers also add to the sky setting. I love your colored pencil coloring of the fox, bunny, balloons, and umbrella. A video is such a wonderful teaching tool. Thank you.

  3. Cute, cute, cut love all three cards and your video had some awesome tips thanks so much

  4. I absolutely love her cards! Lifting these! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. fantastic and beautiful cards!

  6. I LOVE LOVE that stamp set! Such adorable cards. I love every detail. I think the rabbit is my favorite. :)

  7. As always, Nichol's cards are absolutely darling!

  8. These card are amazing ! Thanks for the video !

  9. fabulous! love your ideas - thank you for sharing!
    Sandra ltb


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