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Peace on Earth with Geralyn

Hi everyone, it's Geralyn here today! Today I'm sharing with you a simple tutorial on a colorful card that's easy to make in bulk, just in time for the holidays. I'll be using the beautiful Peace on Earth stamp set for this card.

I started by using watercoloring a rainbow gradient on the bottom of some watercolor paper. This was my first time using traditional Japanese watercolors, and the colors are vibrant and blend beautifully.

Then I used black ink to stamp the sentiment on the lower part of my card.

I pulled out Mama Elephant's new pigment inks to stamp the solid diamonds above my sentiment. Love the ink colors!

As my final step, I stamped the outlined diamonds and the dotted line on top of my solid diamonds to make them look like they are hanging. I offset the stamping to create a more interesting design. 

(For full disclosure - I accidentally got ink on the back of my card which is why I had to cut off the front and glue it on a different card base - hence the different orientation of my final card). Though this card may be simple, the bright colors make it such a fun holiday card that is sure to brighten someone's day! 

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very nice. I love the beautiful colors. Might try making a card similar to this. Have not done watercoloring yet. Thank you for sharing.

  2. That rainbow you created is gorgeous. So perfect with this sentiment.

  3. Lovely card and I really like that you kept the gem colors offset- fun touch.

  4. Great job on your water coloring technique, it makes such a pretty card with the stamps.


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