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Photo Bomb with Elena

Hi there!

Elena here, with a little Photobomb selfie love:

I love how large this image is, and how much fun it is to color it! I tried my hand at some different skin tones and hair colors. The little winking girl in the front looks like my childhood Sri Lankan bff.  But my fave is the little boy in the middle, at the bottom. The deer-in-the-headlights expression cracks me right up.

I made myself a faux-polaroid, the old fashioned way: by cutting out the image and mounting it onto a white rectangular piece of cardstock. 

All of the dies make putting a fancy looking card together a snap: I used the sew fancy die set, the femme frames, and a landscape die for the curve that runs behind the left side of the polaroid.

I hope you like it!



  1. Really cute card, Elena....I love it!

  2. Elena this is so fantastic! I just made a comment on another blog about coloring cheeks like this... so awesome!!
    =] Michele


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