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INTRODUCING: I Like You + Treat Toppers

Super excited about today's Introduction of I Like You! It's a simple little sentiment set that is fun with a dash of cheekiness! Aren't you just bored of expressing your love in the same ole, same ole every year? I think we can all use a little bit of humor this year!

With Valentine's Day coming up, one project I make with my kids every year are classmate treats. My goal was to make something cute and simple, and something that I can make relatively quickly in mass. I don't know about you, but when you've got to make 60+ of these, I'm not going for anything overly fussy and time consuming!

Here I created 4 sets of treats using our new Treat Topper Creative Cuts design.  It is a standard 4 inches wide, perfect to use with lots of favor bags readily available everywhere for purchase.

When coming up with sentiments for this set, I specifically chose this sentiment as it's nice and friendly -- perfect for kids to send Valentine's treats!

I'm planning to buy peppermints and use them as holiday treats for classmates using these Treat Toppers as well! That will be our next project before these Valentine's ones!


  1. These look great!!! Love the die!!!!

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love these... perfect for my new husband and I <3

  3. Fab die! Great idea! Cute set as well, love the faces!

  4. You girls are so clever! LOVE this set!

  5. I love all the sentiments but I don't have a hubby or a boyfriend so except for the one you used which is so cute, I couldn't use them. When I start selling my cards again though, that would be another story. Then I could use them.


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