Popping in this rainy evening to announce our November "STAMP WITH ME" winner, before that the new challenge for December is to create a holiday/wintry card or project celebrating the magic of the season!

Here are some general tips to play along in the month long challenge:

1. Upload your project here: https://www.flickr.com/groups/mamaelephant/

2. Tag your project STAMPWITHMEDecember2015 and mamaelephant

3. Tag your stamp set name if possible (i.e. pandamoniumthreeamigos - no spaces)

4. At least one Mama Elephant product must be used.

5. Share the love and leave some comments for your fellow players!

6. We'll be picking one winner who will win 2 stamp sets of their choice! Yay!

Now, the winner of November's #sharehandmadekindness inspired challenge...

It is none other than this delightfully festive and fun card by anuyami!
Congratulations, please email us at mamaelephant.winner@gmail.com to claim your prize - two stamps sets of your choice!


And now for some honorable mentions!

We love THIS sweet, sugary, melt your heart card by francesca.

Amy Lee's London selfie cards are so delightful, check them out HERE!

These ATC cards by Lexa Levana are so much fun! It really embodies the kindness challenge!

Thanks for playing along everyone!

Remember, Mama Elephant is taking the month of December off, so no new release this month. We'll be back in January of 2016 with some amazing new designs lined up! Be excited! :)


  1. Congrats, Anuyami! I love your card! Those tiny little stars are so cute! My mailbox would be smiling so wide if it had a card like that waiting for me. You did a really great job! You deserved to win.

  2. Wow!! Thank you!! i'm sooo happy :)

  3. Congratulations Anuyami - beautiful penguin card!!! And congrats to the honorable mentions <3

  4. Hello, I am trying to upload my december card, but there is not link for december in you Flickr Account. Please let me know.

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