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Oh Happy Birds with Anna

Hello, everyone! Today Anna is here and it's my turn today to showcase you the using of new sets. I worked with Oh Happy Birds set - it's not onlu super-cute, but even very inspiring and has some kind irony with the sentiments. I made a simple wedding card with shaker. Oh it only looks simple at first sight! This card has a little secret. But don't worry, I'll tell you about it! 


 It's always soft colors when we think about wedding and if think about man/woman it's blue/pink colors, so I chose these two colors for my shaker. I used sentiments from Oh Happy Birds set and the frame is from Framed Tags - Madison Ave dies et. I blended the background and the frame with inks and sprinkled with a water. And I filled my shaker with the assortment of sequins. 


And now it's a time for some magic. If you open this card... there is an interactive element inside of the card! A meadow with a wedding arch rises and stands perpendicularly to the card base! And you can find a little cute pair of sweet birds under the arch.


And I would like to share with you my step by step tips how to made the inner part of such card (I used 4.25x5.5 inches card base). 1. Cut a piece of cardstock sized 6x4 inches and score it in the midle and 0.5 inch from the one of the long side. 


2. Cut a little triangle pieces on that side where you scored for more comfortable gluing. 


3. With Grassy Trio dies set cut in half and color with the green.


4. With the large frame from Dotted Details dies set cut some trips and glue several parts together with each other to produce a more dense base. It will be pillars supporting our wedding arch. I made three layers.


5. Finish the reating of the arch: glue the flowers to the pillars and add bells.


6. Stamp some sentiments on the grass and card base before putting everything together. Don't forget about a drop of humor ;) 


7. Now glue the grass perpendicularly to the card base - use slow-drying glue here so you can correct the position of the elements. I also recommend to close the card before the glue dries so the will take it place. 


 8. And at the end just add all the sweet little details! (I used flowers from Tandem Extras set). 


I hope you enjoy these tips and maybe even will make one or two such interactive cards. And I have a short video demonstrating this card in action for you. See you! 


  1. Spectacular! As if the shaker part wasn't cute enough, the interactive part just blows you away! Love it!

  2. I love the shaker card and I've never made one. I want to make one so bad! That will be my next project. I don't know anybody getting married so this wouldn't work but I know I can make one anyway. That interactive part of the card is so adorable! I love it! Whoever will get this card will love it! I know I would love this card.

  3. Oh my gosh look at that Anna!! Loved the soft colours of the outside and then the inside is a delightful surprise . Thanks for sharing details of how you made it .

  4. Such a darling card, Anna! I love the variety of sequins and your interactive element is fabulous! Thanks so much for the step by step tutorial!

  5. This is brilliant! Such a fantastic design and absolutely excellent execution!

  6. Oh wow! neat card. Love the colors and interactive motion.

  7. Omgee, another brilliant card design! I can't wait to try this out! TFS Big hugs, Kristina

  8. It was amazing even before opening...

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