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INTRODUCING: Organic Blooms

We are unveiling Organic Blooms today - quite the perfect set to welcome Spring back, although it's been rather rainy and chilly here lately with temps dropping to the 20's at night! Let's wish the warmer weather will come soon and stay! In the meantime, I'll pretend it's blossoming season with Organic Blooms.

I colored the florals with Copics Marks. My pinks look kind of dull, don't they? I don't know why it always ends up like that for me. I balanced the dullness of the pink by coloring the smaller leaves a brighter yellowish green.

The sentiment, I needed a birthday card, so I reached for Labeled Messages instead of using the sentiments from this set. Labeled Messages is of a similar block-out style, so you can see how that pairs nicely with the open lines of the floral image.

I bet this will look amazing in watercolors! Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Love this new set, Kryssi, and so pleased to see flowers! Thank you!

  2. I Love the dull pink. I thought that you added grey on purpose keep the flowers toned down. A gorgeous image.

  3. Wow, those flowers are so pretty! My sister loves those flowers and I think she took some pictures of them to put on her leather purses. I know they are only usually in one or 2 colors but if I had this set, each one would be a different color! In my world, everything is very colorful! LOL I love how you colored this card.

  4. LOVE this set!! I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on them. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous and your card is so beautiful!

  5. So nice!


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