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INTRODUCING: Hello Friend Wishes

One more day until release! Actually, 15 hours to be exact!

We are thrilled to bring you the next Wishes Series stamp design called Hello Friend Wishes. We are completely enamored with the beautiful swashy hand lettering of Paola Esteron! It just exudes elegance and style!

I was in the mood to watercolor donuts. I don't particularly like eating donuts, but painting them is a different story! They're so much fun and so easy!

I thought light, fruity donuts would be a cute backdrop to this beautiful sentiment! This is a great, everyday pick-me-up set perfect for saying HELLO!


  1. So loving this!
    Especially the font
    AND that there are awesome added sentiments!!

  2. Love the colors of the icing.
    Look delicious.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Gloriously designed sentiment, delicious donuts!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous handwriting!! And I LOVE the choice of sentiments to go with it!

  5. Um...yum! Just beautiful. Special request for a "Watercoloring donuts" video tutorial, please.

  6. Perfect! Your sentiment is amazing with these yummy doughnuts...Love this card, Kryssi!

  7. Would love a tutorial for watercolor donut also....please.


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