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Rowdy Raccoons with Laura

Hi there! Laura here and today I'm sharing a project featuring the hilariously adorable Rowdy Raccoons set.

 Mama Elephant-Rowdy Raccoon  

It's pretty hard not to fall completely in love with these raccoons. I mean, seriously, a raccoon in a red wagon and a raccoon dressed up like a cowboy? They're irresistible and I'm not even remotely a raccoon fan in real life :)

I used the flag that the middle raccoon is holding to create my rainbow party banner up in the 
top left corner.

Here's a video to show you how I created my card.


Giddy Up for a routine' tootin' great day, my friends! Thanks so much for looking!


  1. Great job ladies and I hope you both have a rootin' tootin' good day!

  2. Rootin' tootin' good time...LOL...Emma did a great job with her part of the voiceover...cute!

  3. I adore your card!!!

  4. Yahoo! Party on raccoons! Great card Laura. Wow you might lose your voiceovers so to Emma! What a great storyteller!

  5. So completely awesome - what a party those rowdy critters are having!! Laura - your card and your video are super delightful!!

  6. Such fun with the raccoons--could not agree more on them! Emma's voiceover is BRILLIANT! Seriously, the cutest thing with her tangents and sweet voice. Such fun! Bravo! :) :)


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