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Welcome back to day 2 of Stamp Highlights! Today's post highlighting Fresh Fruits is real juicy!

What a fun card created by Anna! We like how all the fruits are incorporated in this fresh card!

 We love how Deasy combined Fresh Fruits and Page Huggers to make a thank you card for the teacher.

 Nichol created a matching card and envelope for her youngest son's new teacher. The Calli Letters and Calli Upper Letters added the perfect personalization to the card featuring Copic colored Fresh Fruit apple images.

 Pamela created this stunning one-layer card by offsetting the fruit border and the solid colours.

We love the cheerful Fruits-Tags by Vera!


  1. the fruit are wonderful.
    I need some fruit for a page in my bible
    journaling. These will work great.

  2. Great samples of what can be done!

  3. I love all the cards and all the colors, especially my favorite color, yellow which I see was used quite a bit. I love bright, colorful cards. They catch my eye every time!

  4. Great projects today. The ladies show how the fruit design can be used in so many ways.

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