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INTRODUCING: Floral Series - Poinsettia

Hi folks, today we are introducing a new stamp set and new illustrator!

We are starting a brand new series of stamps called Floral Series. Haha, so unique, right? Well, we're making it easy! Leading the way for us is brand new stamp designer Eunji Jung! She draws the most beautiful flowers and what she does with them in color is even more amazing! We have many of her designs lined up already for the following year, hope you're excited!

Eunji is starting us off with Poinsettias! And what a beauty they are! They are the flowers of the holiday season, so if you're looking to create some more mature and classy cards, think flowers! They are timeless!

So many ways to color this baby, check out what Angela did with her card. I love the gradient blue background, it really makes the florals pop!

See you back here tomorrow!


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