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Building Scenes with Anna

Hello, Mama's friends! Anna is here with my new card and I also prepared some tips for you how to build scenes cards with sweet critters. I absolutely adore mice from Tandem Ride stamp set - they are not just the cutest, they are also small enough to put many mice on one card. I had the target to put eight mice on one Season card. This is the case when more is better.
Mice Crowd card for Mama Elephant @akossakovskaya #cardmaking #mamaelephant 

1. I start all my scene cards from the main concept. Here I wanted to create the scene with the fireplace, holiday tree, garlands, packages and mice. Mice are everywhere!! Start the creating of the card from stamping, coloring and cutting all the elements. If you are not sure - stamp more images than you maybe will use, but this is better - you will not look aside for stamping additional images lately.

2. Think about all mini-scenes inside of your big scene. I made the next situations for the mice: a. Fireplace and all around - one mouse is sitting on the fireplace and eating the cookie. Don't forget about the decorations - cookies plate and the candle. Also add the peeking mouse. b. The fireplace is also decorated with the stockings and one mouse is peeking of the sock. I planned to put all three socks on the fireplace but after putting all the elements on the card I realized that the fireplace is overwhelmed with the details, so I put the third sock on the tree. You can often meet this situation when your card can't fit all of the prepared elements. So just remove unnecessary ones, you can save them and to use for your next cards. c. There can not be the Holidays without the tree! Prepare the tree, its pot, some gifts to put under the tree, maybe some ornaments (in my case this is the candy and the sock from the fireplace). Don't forget about the peeking mice! d. There will be the garland with the mouse on it on the top of the card. e. Prepare the pile of gifts ;)

3. Create the background. I blended the piece of the card stock with distress inks and sprinkled with the water to add more dimensions and textures. This scene has many details so I don't want to overwhelm it with additional borders. I just cut out the edges with the scallop rectangle die from All Prettied Up creative cuts.

4. Now start to build the scene. Don't forget about the layers - start to adhere from the bottom layer, use double-sided tape or the glue, to add the dimensions use the foam tape for the top layers. 5. And don't forget about the sentiment! I used the one from Jolly and Merry stamp set.
Mice Crowd card for Mama Elephant @akossakovskaya #cardmaking #mamaelephant  

Supplies used: Merry Mantle stamp set + coordinating dies Meowy Woofmas stamp set + coordinating dies Tandem Ride stamp set + coordinating dies Jolly and Merry stamp set All Prettied Up creative cuts


  1. This is hilarious! I couldn't stop giggling and smiling! We live near a forest and with the cold weather moving in we catch the occasional mouse in a trap we keep by a spot we can't seem to seal off. This is my nightmare but too cute to be scary! LOL! love it ❤️

  2. This card is really lovely and full of details!!!

  3. Fantastic tutorial thank you for sharing your creative process. I love this card so much, it's so fun!


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