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Tiny Ninjas with Pamela

Hello! This is Pamela on the Mama Elephant blog today with a little card featuring Tiny Ninjas. This little ninja was just calling out to be paired with a piece of string for rope, so I made it into a fun swinging ninja! I first masked off an area to blend my background in. I wanted the ninja to be swinging around against the sky so the ninja would pop out against the blue background. I masked off some clouds using the die cut from Sunday Stroll

DS - Tiny Ninjas - 1 

I framed the card using the scallop die cut from All Prettied Up and adjusted the rope with the ninja to get it swinging the right direction.

 DS - Tiny Ninjas - 2 

I finished off the card with a simple "Thank You" sentiment from the same Tiny Ninjas stamp set. 

DS - Tiny Ninjas - 3 

If you look closely, you'll see some water and white paint splatters against the background! 

DS - Tiny Ninjas - 4 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Such a beautiful card! How did you get the rope to stay in that position without moving around?

  2. Adorable!!

  3. A cute card and a very clever design.

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