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His Love with Anna

Hello, Mama's friends! Anna is here today with the card highlighting new His Love stamp set. I wanted to make elegant and interesting card but the minimum usage of the crafting supplies. I know that many cardmakers have no tones of ink colors, stamps or dies. Today I want to tell you how to make great cards without having the storehouse in your room.)) 

 Mama Elephant Designer Series: His Love @akossakovskaya #cardmaking #mamaelephant 

You need only one bug lettering stamp (from His Love stamp set in my case), one border die - here I used All Prettied Up Creative Cuts - optionally, one water based dye-ink pad with very bright deep color (dark teal in my case), embossing tools, water, sequins and glue. And here is some step by step tips: 

1. Take a piece of 4.25 x 5.5 inches cardstock and blend it with your inks making the ombre effect. The color should be darker on the one side and almost clear on the other. Don't make it very dark on this step! 

 2. Let it dry completely and emboss the big lettering sentiment with the clear embossing powder. 

3. Now blend the panel with the same ink color again and again making the color very dark and deep on one edge and very light on the another side. the sentiment will show through the ink due to the clear powder, and will have a color ombre due to the blending before embossing. 

4. Sprinkle the background with the water - use special tool or the brush. You can even use your hands - just take a little water with your fingertips and shake off the water on the card panel. Let it dry completely. 

Mama Elephant Designer Series: His Love @akossakovskaya #cardmaking #mamaelephant 

5. For the next step any stamping tool will be your good friend (I used misti-tool), but you can make the shadow and without it - just practice a little on the piece of paper. I can recommend to use the clear CD box instead of the acrylic block - it's flexible and will allow you to stamp every single piece of such detailed stamp at once. Stamping with the misti-tool: fix the card panel with magnets and put the stamp directly on the embossed image. Check that all the elements exactly coincided. Than move the stamp a little down and right - literally 1-2 mm. You will see the embossed image through the stamp and can control the process. When you are satisfied with the stamp position, close the misti and then stamp the shadow with the same inks you used more the blending. Stamping with the clear CD-case: put the stamp on the case's cover and ink the stamp with the same inks you used more the blending. Now look through the stamp and try to control some key points - for example big H on the top left and the curves on the bottom right. 

6. Add some sequins. I like to use the sequins with the same color as the background and also to add some clear one in different sizes. 

 Thank you for your attention! Have a good day.


  1. What a cool result! I can't wait to get this stamp set, I have ordered it but am waiting on the shipping. I will definitely try this technique. TFS!

  2. Cool technique ! loved the card :)

  3. Wonderful card!!!

  4. So pretty love this color blue

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