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March Stamp Previews!

Who's ready for March? Me! For me, March is the month of hope. After enduring months of brutal Winter cold, "March comes in like a lion, and leaves like a lamb". Warmer weather just puts me in a chirpier mood, so we're getting ready to welcome chickie little birdies, bunnies, and flowers here at Mama Elephant!

First up is Party Animals, featuring our ambassadors of Spring - bunnies and chickies! ;) They are ready to get down and jam!

Next up is the unofficial companion set to Party Animals, Congrats All Around. While poking around, we noticed we don't have many Congratulatory designs, so we designed one with it as a main focus. SO many awesome sentiments and that chickie holding up the sign is my fave!

If you loved Organic Blooms, then I think you'll like this next stamp set! We've got this huge floral stamp set called Timeless Tulips that pretty much embodies the essence of Spring! Who wouldn't love a fresh bouquet in card form that will last forever?
Ou friends form Dot Dash Design is back with us this month with this super stylish and super cute stamp set! This is called Nom Nom Kitties, and well, they make me hungry. :)

Hope you like these sneak peeks! Intros start tomorrow!


  1. Oh my goodness nom nom kitties!!!!

  2. eeek! the nom nom kitties soooooo adorable. can't wait for it. :-)

  3. Nom Nom Kitties is my favorite too! I hope you ordered extras, 3 of 5 commenters means a lot of interested buyers!

  4. Timeless Tulips and nom nom kitties are my favs xx

  5. Love them all, but that kitty is calling my name! And the tulips too!

  6. The animals are my favorites, but the flowers are very pretty, and would be great to watercolor.


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