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Mermaid Kisses with Anna

Hello! Anna is here today with you to show my Designer Series project for this Mermaid Kisses stamp set week. Mermaids are cute and elegant critters for the stamps, and I really always have many ideas about underwater scenes. And for today I prepared the one-layered card, that looks simple, but need some time to create it! 

Mama Elephant Designer Series: Mermaid Kisses week @akossakovskaya @mamaelephant #cardmaking #mamaelephant 
But nothing very difficult here. Just basic card making techniques - masking and blending with inks. Having a small piece of masking paper you can easily repeat this card or create something like this on your own taste! I started with thinking about the composition of my card. I wanted to use the mermaid that floats with the closed eyes, and a flock of fish swims after her. And some sun beams shine through the water... And I wanted my main characters form a curve, but the figure of the little mermaid was too straight. I wanted the mermaid has bending in the back. So I just curve the stamp a little before I placed it to the acrylic block)) I often curve the stamps - sometimes it helps to get very interesting effect. Then I stamped the mermaid on the card panel and then, without removing it from the block so she has the same bending, I stamped her on the piece of masking paper. 

Mama Elephant Designer Series: Mermaid Kisses week @akossakovskaya @mamaelephant #cardmaking #mamaelephant 
I fussy cut the mermaid stamped on the masking paper and covered my stamped image. Then I stamped some fishes. In the original they look the other way, but I turned them upside down. The only change now is that they had smiling eyes, and now they have the closed eyes (as the mermaid does). And stamped the sentiment. After this I blending my background with blue inks. Then I adhered some pieces of masking paper and made the sun rays with the yellow inks. After this I sprinkled my background with the water for the texture and spots. At the end I removed the mask from the mermaid and colored all elements. The card is ready! have a good day! 
Mama Elephant Designer Series: Mermaid Kisses week @akossakovskaya @mamaelephant #cardmaking #mamaelephant


  1. Simply WONDERFUL!

  2. Beautiful. Add this to my must have list.

  3. what a wonderful underwater scene you have created ! Loved it totally :)

  4. Awesome layout. Darling images and love the water scene.

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