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Today's Stamp Highlight is with Luli Bunny's A Cookie Christmas stamp set! Who can resist these adorable characters with a cute Gingerbread house?

We love the starry background that Pamela created for Miss Reindeer, Miss Bunny and their ginger friends!

Amy sure put the magic in the holidays with this Magic Slider card!

Deasy created a cute and happy scene for Christmas! They look so adorable!

We love this sweet scene in pastel colors by Vera!

We love Laura's sweet Gable Box.

Nichol added prisma glitter to elements on the gingerbread house to mimic sugared icing for the sweet scene card!

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  2. Christmas is a season of cookies and pies and
    candy - anything sweet.
    the little gingerbread house is darling.
    Thanks for sharing some cute cards.

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