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Today we bring you another Stamp Highlight and it's oh so cute! 
These Reindeer from Little Reindeer Agenda have taken over my craft room!
There are so many of them!

Pamela created this fun reindeer shaker card. Wow, that's a lot of reindeer here!

Amy stacked all these cuties to make a reindeer tree!

Can't sleep the winter night? Anna created the card that will help you! Just count these little sweet reindeer jumping over a fence.

We love how Deasy created a happy shaker card! The reindeer have so much fun welcoming Holiday's Season!

Holiday hugs from these little reindeer make for a snow fun shaker card!


  1. Oh how fun and so many cute little reindeer cards!

  2. Love the reindeer tree.
    Cute cards.
    thanks or sharing.

  3. Oh my gosh !! The Christmas tree made with these reindeers is the cutest !!

  4. So how cute are these cards? Way too cute!! I have seen quite a few Christmas cards with 2017 collections from many companies, but so far I have no urge to make any of the designs shown. All of these are winners hands down. I hope they will eventually come with how-to's, or even videos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those deer crack me up and I love what all the designers have done with them.

  6. Awww soooo many adorable deer!! <3 <3 Super cute they are and what fun cards! :)

  7. These little ones just make me smile! I got mine today and I squealed!

  8. These are Crazy CUTE!!! I can't wait to get mine!!!

  9. Oh my gosh I love these cards. I just ordered these little reindeer today from SS (only cause I had gc). I cant wait to create with them. These cards are so inspirational. Thank you Mama Elephant for having such cute stamps.

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