INTRODUCING: Peaceful Wishes + On the Hills CC

ME supplies used: Peaceful Wishes (stamps available 10/15/2017), Holly's Snowflakes (stamps)

I'm thrilled to introduce the ultimate lazy crafter's die set - On the Hills! Haha, seriously though, I love cloud dies and border dies, but there's nothing like getting it all in one pass of the die cut machine! We have made it super quick to create the perfect basic backdrop for all your cards. We've also included trees and houses, all connected for that little touch! If that's not enough, it comes complete with two extra little clouds and a hand scripted 'hello' word die, penned by yours truly. All of this makes On the Hills a truly versatile die set!

ME Supplies used: On the Hills (dies available 10/15/2017), City Sidewalks (stamps and dies)
I've created a video below showing you how I created this card from start to finish. I played with different combinations before settling on this wintry all-white scene.


  1. First, love the examples! That hill die is awesome. I already have ideas rolling around in my head

  2. Love these cards! Beautiful sentiment... love the font! And the houses are so cute!

  3. "On the Hills" looks so efficient and versatile! It makes such a great backdrop for so many of your stamp sets —
    visions of city-bound penguins are already dancing through my head.

  4. That's an adorable winter scene card !

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  6. These cards are really adorable and thank you for the how-to videos.