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Me and My Yeti with Pamela

Helloooo everyone! I can't believe it's October already! This is Pamela taking over Mama Elephant's blog with a card featuring the new September release! We'll be taking a good look today at 3 release sets - Me and My Yeti, Sentiments from a Yeti and Snow Furries creative cuts. I first stamped out the adorable Yeti and the banner. I coloured those in with my copics and adhered the banner to the Yeti so it looks like he's holding onto the banner. 

DS - Me and my Yeti - 1 

Next, I started on my background. Seeing those snow furries, I really wanted to create a simple die cut panel against the white card base. I then stamped a few of the smaller snowflakes from Holly's Snowflakes onto the cardbase.

 DS - Me and my Yeti - 2 

 Finished with a dash of sequins and the card is done!

 DS - Me and my Yeti - 3 

A very simple and easy to mass produce card!

DS - Me and my Yeti - 4 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cute card.. Love the snowflake dies too.. Great idea for a card. Love the Yeti!

  2. Super cute! Thnks for sharing!

  3. This is a great card, very simple and efficient !

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  5. So cute. I wasn't sure about the yeti but the more I see this cute creature the more I lOVE him.. Great cute scene. I think I need this stamp set.

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  7. Absolutely lovely!!

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