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INTRODUCING: Sun and Moon *Exclusive*

Hi, it's Angela here! 
Today I want to share a little special project of mine. 
It's something we've never done before so we hope you'll join us for the ride!

It was almost a year ago, around the same time when things got crazy because it was close to the end of the school year. Last of the field trips, teacher appreciation week, moving on ceremonies, but most of all, this was the time when it finally hits you that it also means some of your mom friends are also wrapping up the school year and they won't be coming back next year. *sob*

"We'll definitely keep in touch..." 

I'm so glad she did because months later, she presented me a beautiful project she and some friends were working on. I was in awe. Those who know me, I'm a big sucker for animation. I went to school for it for four years and I was never able to do what my friend just did in a few months. Being once an animation student, I completely understand how incredibly hard it is to create a stop motion animated piece. It all started from a lullaby that my friend used to sing to her daughter when she was just a baby...

Watch the video and all its different variations on here.

"At Mossylist, we are storytellers and memory makers. As parents, we want to preserve the imagination, wonder, and moments that fill our children's lives."

"Sun Went Down, Moon Came Up" video has already been featured by New York magazine and accepted to the Berlin Flash Film Festival!

"Would you be willing to do a exclusive line of stamps for us"

"Uh heck yea! Do you know how incredibly proud I am of you?" 
So we are happy to announce our special exclusive stamp collaboration with Mossylist and Mama Elephant, based on the sweet characters from the video "Sun Went Down, Moon Came Up"

These sweet images were so fun to work with! I just love the amazing foliage from the stop motion. And I have to mention seeing how happy it made my daughter's sweet friend was just the icing on the cake! See how happy she is >>here<<

Just like the animation, I wanted the Sun go down and the Moon come up. So I whipped up an interactive pinwheel card to spin the sun and the moon around.

See it in action >>here<<

Shop at 
Sun and Moon Stamp Starter Kit (includes: 4x6 Sun and Moon stamp set, 
Mama Elephant small stamp block, 1 Memento Tuxedo Black Ink, 1 Cotton Pouch)

Shop at
4x6 Sun and Moon Stamp Set (Release Date: 5/15)
Sun and Moon Coordinating Creative Cuts Set (Release Date: 5/15)

Visit to learn more about the lovely people at Mossylist and remember to subscribe to their YouTube channel because they are in the process of working on the next animated piece!


  1. Oh my. I really love your new set. The style is a little different than before and I LOVE it! The girl is just darling and I love the stitched trees.

  2. I love the set and the entire story behind it. The animation is incredible! An absolutely adorable and unique stamp set, and I hope there are many more to follow. I look forward to seeing more from Mossylist and future exclusives!

  3. Sooo cute! I am loving the newest releases!

  4. How darling both projects
    are. Her video and your
    matching stamps are just
    Carla from Utah

  5. Thank yo so much for your support, enthusiasm and most importantly sharing your amazing talents. You are so generous to share your talents and interpret our stop motion video so beautifully. I had only just discovered this stamp world and it's incredible! Love Mama Elephant! - From Mossylist

  6. Wow Angela, that pinwheel is incredible! My 2 daughters can't wait to enjoy this stamp set. Thanks for making such a cool collaboration with us! Sam, the Mossylist Music Man.

  7. Wow! This is really special! The video is so sweet and the matching stamps are adorable. I hope that you and Mossylist will do more collaborations because this is so cute!

  8. How amazing is THIS?!?!? I love it and the stamps are amazing! great colab!!

  9. This set is so adorable, the card you made is beautiful, and I am now a wannabe a card crafter. I will definitely be collecting more stamps from you! Thank you, Angela!


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