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Welcome back for day 2 of Stamp Highlights with Bright Lights! The Design Team did a great job showing us their ways to using these string of lights!

Keeway paired up our Bright Lights with the sweet puffy dog all tangled up in holiday lights from Yappy Woofmas!

 There's another surprise inside Keeway's card using our Card Holder Creative Cuts to create a gift bag pop-up for a gift card. There's even mini tag attached to it!

We adore this clean and simple card by Amy.
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Festive cards by Vera, she mix and match this Bright Lights set with our Holiday set : Cool Penguins and Merry Mantle.
 Thi kept things clean and simple by pairing Bright Lights with our Tags a Lot Creative Cuts.


  1. What a super fun group of cards! So cheerful and playful!

  2. These lights are super fun! Adds a great background to all the adorable cards! :)

  3. Fabulous lights; delightful cards! The tangled puppy is ultra sweet!

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