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Welcome back to another day of Stamp Highlights! Today we are very busy with these cute little pandas from the new Little Panda Agenda stamp set! Love how we can fit so many into one card!

Mette created this cute galaxy panda star card by combining the Little Panda Agenda with the Star Grid Window and Hilly Hello.

Cute card by Vera, she combined The Little Panda Agenda with a sentiment from Hibiscus Wishes and stars from Star Grid Window Creative Cuts.

Amy made an adorable scene card by combining the Little Panda Agenda with the Pandamonium stamp set and Hilly HELLO Creative Cuts.

 Maria paired the Circular Grid Creative Cuts with the Little Panda Agenda with some vibrant colors and it looks great!

Thi mixed some new and older products to make this adorable birthday shaker card with the Little Panda Agenda pandas playfully surrounding the Big Happy Birthday Creative Cuts.


  1. Love all these fun pandas! They are just adorable! Delightful cards!

  2. I'm loving all the colors of today's cards! The Little Panda Agenda stamps are just so cute—I can't wait to get my hands on them.

  3. So so adorable! Love these cute pandas :)

  4. Super cute pandas!!! I love these cards!!!

  5. Those pandas are the sweetest! Lovely cards!

  6. Pandas are my FAV animal... these make me SOOOOO HAPPY


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