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STAMP HIGHLIGHT: Little Penguin Agenda

Today's Stamp Highlight is featuring the new Little Penguin Agenda! I hope you don't get tired seeing these little penguins because they are everywhere!! They are in a size where you can just pop them literally anywhere!

Thi paired Little Penguin Agenda with Ornate House Grid perfectly on this fun shaker card! That little penguin sliding down the side of the house cracks me up!

In Kine's card, it shows how these little penguins are so busy with their daily activities! I hope they were able to catch a fish!

Keeway used the Ornate House Grid with her little holiday penguins to create a fun holiday card! We love the Nuvo drops added to decorate the house!
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Such a colorful bunch of penguins on these adorable tags from Mette.

A shaped card by Vera by pairing Little Penguin Agenda with Ornate House Grid - Creative Cuts.

Amy created this adorable house-shaped card, placing the Little Penguin Agenda into the windows of the Ornate House Grid Creative Cuts!


  1. That little penguin sliding down the roof, cracks me up too!;) SUCH CREATIVITY LADIES!!! LOOOVE the little house lights too, & the SWEET TAGS! GRACIOUS, I don't think you could get any cutter! ;)<3

  2. These sweet penguins make the most festive cards, thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Lovin' these darling penguins! Every card and tag with them is a treat!

  4. These are all so adorable! I especially love the tags. :)

  5. These fun penguin's are so sweet and adorable!


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