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INTRODUCING: Cherry Blossom Branch, Celebrate Script

Hey, hey we made it to the final day of Intros! Today's introduction is a beauty! It is none other than Cherry Blossom Branch designed by the lovely Anna Osvald! I saw Anna posted a cherry blossom image on Instagram and immediately told her we needed it to be a stamp! Pronto! I'm super happy she was able to make it happen because I love it more and more every time I look at it.

Cherry Blossom Branch ties into the Lunar new year theme very nicely. In Asian cultures, cherry blossoms signifies new beginnings and hope for a bright future. I also noted that cherry blossoms are one of the first flowers to bloom after a cold, long and often brutal Winter here in New York. I live by a park, so I always take notice every March when the temperatures are still unbearable, but the cherry blossom trees start to bloom. It is one of the most beautiful sights, and such a welcome one in the midst of the cold. Anyway, yes, they signify new beginnings and new hopes! They are perfect to send in cards if you want to convey that message or if you just like pretty flowers! :)

Last little product reveal is this Celebrate Script hand-lettered by moi!

Let's see what Rina's got for us today!

[Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube]

So pretty, right?! I love the colors and I love the pairing of the Celebrate Script and sentiment Rina chose from Cherry Blossom Branch. Such a peaceful, serene card ... so different from our usual cuteness overload, lol.

Well that's it! Release is TONIGHT at 12AM EST! Inspiration Stampede with all the new goodies and our stellar Design Team is tomorrow at 9am! Make sure you come by! Ciao!!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! This is my FAVORITE for this release!!! ;)<3

  2. This is beautiful! I think I saw the inspiration for this stamp on Anna's Instagram feed — she posted a cherry blossom video, and I was blown away by how easy she made it look and how it came alive beneath her pen. Cherry and plum blossoms are some of my favorite flowers, so this is absolutely on my wish list.

  3. Beautiful image with the cherry blossoms!

  4. I can hear the song "Sakura" from my days in Japan. Beautiful stamp set.


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