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INTRODUCING: Lunar Sayings, Sakura Lanterns

Good morning, crafty friends! We are introducing Lunar Sayings and Sakura Lanterns today - both in line with this month's Lunar theme. Judging from the buzz, it seems many of you are loving it!

First intro is Lunar Sayings, pretty straight forward, right? You get 5 stylized Chinese greetings. They come with little translations on the side to help you! The translations are not stamps, they're just there to help! We also included a fun Happy New Year balloon for... you know, new year's if you choose to use it for the general new year celebration! There are also some really great fortune blessing and overall good vibin' sentiments in English to wish your recipient a happy, prosperous and wonderful new year! These are great for the inside of your cards.

Also new is this A2 sized die called Sakura Lanterns. I'm really digging this one because there is so much you can do with it! You can create a beautiful outdoor cherry blossom scene with the large frame. I like to cut it and then watercolor in the floral blooms. Super excited to see what you do with that piece!

I'm also excited for the 3 fun lanterns. The little bits and pieces at the bottom are to give your lanterns some color! Rina will show you in the video below!

[Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube]

This color scheme is just soooo swoon-worthy! The trio of coral lanterns is so unexpected and gorgeous!

That mini card with the traditional red and gold lanterns is just the cutest! I love this mini card set, Rina really showed you just how versatile Lunar Sayings is!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you LOVE the new goodies and are crushin' on Rina's projects as much as I am!


  1. Fun ideas for New Years cards! LOVE the awesome lanterns!

  2. Love love love the lunar stamps and lantern dies! Can’t wait to play with them. When’s their release date?

  3. I LOVE the lanterns too! I can see them in parchment..... Maybe, with a little light behind them.....;)<3

  4. Thank you for using traditional Chinese characters and not the "simplified" characters. These are beautiful and adorable.


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