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INTRODUCING: Zodiac Rabbit, Whimsy Alphas, and DE Buildabanner - Pennants

Hello and welcome to the first day of Intros!

Today we Introduce 3 new products: Zodiac Rabbit, Whimsy Alphas, and DE - Buildabanner - Pennants.

Zodiac Rabbit is the next animal in the Zodiac Series. They are lined as number four, and here's a fun read about the rabbit. I wonder if the story of the 'Tortoise and the Hare' originated from China? What I do know is that these rabbit stamps are chubby and super cute! You can use them for the upcoming Easter holiday too! Bunnies and rabbits are always a hit around here!

Next product up is a new line of Creative Cuts dies that named Deep Etch (DE for short). These are manufactured to to cut even better! We will be expanding the DE line for our more solid designs where that extra strength in the die will make a difference!

"Deep Etch creative cuts can cut through multiple layers of paper and fabric
and are strong enough and deep enough to cut through difficult materials like
Leather, Wool, Fabric, Cardboard and more. Use Deep Etch creative cuts with
your favorite standard die machine!"

Use the new DE - Buildabanner - Pennants die to create super cute mini pennants. I don't now about you, but mini everything is always cuter! The two banners cut the same size, but you can layer them to create a colorful backing for the oval cut out. And we added two toppers for an extra neat detail. You can really jazz up your cute banners any way you like!

Finally, the last new design for today is Whimsy Alphas, a large set alphabet set. These alphas were handwritten by yours truly in my cutesiest possible handwriting! I love how playful they look. The letters will fit quite nicely with the DE - Buildabanner - Pennants die above. 

Now watch Rina Galit work her magic with the brand new goodies!

How cute were these mini banners? they are just the perfect size to hang up all year round!

Those Whimsy Alpha letters look scrumptious on this super cute card!

The banners work nicely on cards too!

I love how Rina showed the versatility of the new products today. She's super talented! Which is your fave?

See you again tomorrow!


  1. The Zodiac Rabbit is just adorable! Love the alpha die set and the banner set too! Awesome samples!

  2. Oh my goodness, the little strawberry and carrot and radish and pumpkin! I love the possibilities for a garden as well as how the different seasons are represented. The Whimsy Alphas are super cute!

  3. Thanks Rina for the terrific video. I'm intrigued by all the materials you can cut with the DE dies. I love the banner today, and I can already start on the bunnies!

  4. Those bunnies are adorable and the dies are even better! Can't wait to get my hands on them 😍

  5. So cute, bunnies are always a total hit, they have so many possible options. All these sets have arrived just in time for a nursery event x

  6. Love the banner dies and the new alphabet! Can't wait for all the Zodiac stamp sets!

  7. How adorable! I LOVE the bunnies!!!!

  8. Oh gosh, love those bunnies. Hugz


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