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INTRODUCING: Zodiac Dragon and Slider Glider CC

Hi all, and welcome back!

Today we introduce Zodiac Dragon and our new Slider Glider dies. Zodiac Dragon is the newest friend in our Zodiac series, check out the wiki page for the dragons to learn more about this majestic creature! Dragons have always been considered mystical, enchanting, and powerful creatures throughout time -- but cmon, look at these little chubalubs, they're hardly intimidating anyone around here! Still, celebrate the uniqueness of the dragon, perfect for your Lunar themed projects, but you won't need to stretch your imagination too far to use these for all occasions!

We have a cool new interactive mechanism die designed by Anita Chang (changanit on Instagram). 

It's straightforward to use, but of course if it's not too obvious, Rina Galit has a video below to walk you through the steps to create your own!

Let's sit back and watch Rina work her magic!

Here are still photos of her projects today.

Thank you for joining us! See you again tomorrow. :)


  1. Gorgeous stamps....and the sliders cards are so much fun!!!

  2. Adorable cards!! Thank you for the slider tutorial!!

  3. I love the slider Glider! The Zodiac Dragon hidden behind the cloud is Genius! And just too too cute! Rina's video makes it so easy for us to re-create! I can't wait to try it!

  4. Awesome creations! Great interactive slider dies!

  5. thanks for the video - love the interactive dies~


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