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Hi folks! Welcome to the kickoff of our March Release!

This month, on top of releasing two new Zodiac animals, we are bringing you a new Little Agenda set and a new Stackable set! Everything is super cute! Let's take a look at the previews!

First is Little Sloth Agenda! Oh goodness, how cute are these little guys? I think this set will be one of our best sellers, as you're not only getting sloths with these little guys, but take a closer look -- depending on how you color them, they can double as yetis!!! Wait till our Design Team break these babies out, you will be floored!

Stackable Friends was one of our most popular sets last year, we are now rounding out the rest of the herd with their friends! Collect. Them. All!
And we also have these two new Zodiac sets, Zodiac Horse and Zodiac Sheep! They're kinda perfect to release together and will make for very fun pairings on your projects!

Thanks for coming by and checking us out today! You know the drill, Rina will be here tomorrow with Introductions to all the new goodies! Videos and all! See you!


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