INTRODUCING: Zodiac Dog + Four Window Frame CC

Good morning! This month we are concluding the Zodiac series with the last of the animals - dog and pig. Can you believe we started this in November? 6 months kinda flew by just like that didn't it? Well, in a way I am relieved to wrap the Zodiac series up, lol! Anyway, today we introduce Zodiac Dog, of course unbelievably chubby and cute like all the other Zodiac animals!

And a new frame cover called Four Window Cover is here! This is a basic design we really wanted in our line-up, it's great to make a quick layout that you absolutely can't go wrong with. So many possibilities to dress up each little window. :)

Now Rina is taking over with her fabulous video!

Thank you for coming by today, as always stay safe and see you tomorrow!