STAMP HIGHLIGHT: Sincerely Yours

 Today's Stamp Highlight is with the new Aida Zamora's Sincerely Yours stamp set. These bunnies are totally sweet!

Amy created this sweet card using the Sincerely Yours and the Slim Window Dressing Creative Cuts.

Mette used the Sincerely Yours and Toasty Friends stamps to create a cute one layer scene.

Maria has created a very magical living room scene with the 'Sincerely yours' Stamp Set.
She designed the living room in her favorite colors blue and white with a touch of red and
of course with her beloved wall panelling.

The friendly mice are also part of the scene, two of the mice are from the 'My pet kitties' Stamp Set.
The Sentiment is from the 'Mixed Holiday Greetings' Stamp Set.

Vera created this cute scene by combining the Sincerely yours with the Santa Baby and Holiday Word Banners stamp sets.


  1. Darling cards with these sweet bunnies!

  2. What can be cuter than bunnies in pajamas? I love the baby sitting with mama, too. AND the mouse!!!!

  3. Beautiful cards Mama Elephant did amazing on this new release its so easy to do scene building with all of the stamps and dies

  4. So sweet, so versatile too, can see me getting lots of different occasions out of these cute bunnies x

  5. OMG these bunnies are sooooo cute! I LOVE these scenes!

  6. Whining: I am trying to slow down my acquisitions--but these are sooo cute!

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