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STAMP HIGHLIGHT: Me and My Dinosaur

Hi Everyone! Today we are highlighting the new Me and My Dinosaur stamp set! These projects will take you back to a time where dinosaurs and people coexist! They are so much fun!

Keeway created an adorable scene with the combination of the Me & My Dinosaur and the Rolling Waves Cover Creative Cuts. She also added a few extra little dinos from Little Dino Agenda.

Megan made this scene straight out of the Stone Age with Me and My Dinosaur inspired by a classic cartoon. (Can you guess which one?) She even added in the crazy cat that always gave Fred such a fit from Little Signage Agenda. So fun!

RAWR! For this adorable card, Maria paired the Me and My Dinosaur Stamp Set with the Little Dino Agenda Stamp Set.

Yan created a little scene of two dinosaur besties and their peoples with the new Me and My Dinosaur stamp set!

For this sweet card, Vera combined the Me & My Dinosaur with the new Rolling Waves Cover - Creative Cuts.

Mette created a fun see through card for the Me And My Dinosaur, using the scenery elements to make the see through part more interesting.

Jennifer realized a stunning 3D effect, coloring one of the big Dino from Me And My Dinosaur stamp set. She added also a little butterfly from My Pet Kitties stamp set. Gummy Rrroar!!

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