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We moved! And whoa, 9 Years!

Hello and good morning, everyone! Kryssi here checking in from the West Coast! :)

It's been a bit quiet around here all Summer, hasn't it? Hah, I guarantee it hasn't been quiet on our end behind the scenes! We moved our family and the ME warehouse from NYC to California this Summer. It was just the most wild thing we've ever done, to pick up our kids and the business and trek it across the country. On behalf of Angela and myself, we'd like to thank all of you for being so supportive and patient the last few weeks. With all of y'all cheering us on, we made it in one piece, more or less! And now we're ready to move on to the next big thing on the agenda...


Wow! Angela and I look at each other in disbelief all the time that what started as a little suggestion carried us this far. And of course we never forgot that it was YOU that helped make it happen! Those that have been with us from the very start -- thank you! Those that discovered us in the middle years - thank you! Those that recently found us - thank you! To each and everyone who have supported us through the good and bad designs (haha), thank you! To our Design Team (past and present), thank you!

THANK YOU for supporting these two mamas! We love you!

September is by far the craziest month for us as you know what's coming right? The super huge mega once a year giant anniversary/birthday release! We've got a jam packed schedule so here's a little calendar to help you follow along all month.

We will be back tomorrow with the long awaited sneak peeks! See you then! :)

XO, Kryssi and Angela

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