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Aim For My Heart

Hi all, sharing my last project for this release... and it's probably my favorite one!

It's simple and direct. On Target was designed to be bold and graphic at the same time.

On my card, I first stamped the arrow to create a soft background. On a separate white layer, I stamped the bullseye and inside heart image. A pink clip finished it off.

For some reason, it didn't feel quite all that complete yet. I mulled over it for a bit and then reached for my trusty Stickles glitter. Glitter solves everything!!

I love that the card is all pink and girly in color, but it has that cool factor that makes it appropriate to give to your S.O. :)

Angie and I are busy finishing designs for the next release. We are taking December off, so the next release is in January. But don't worry, we've got more projects to inspire you coming up as well as something you can all participate in (hint hint: stampede!) Stay tuned! 

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Love the card!!! The colors remind me of valentines day of course and its just LOVELY!! So excites for January's release! And I can't wait for my on target set to arrive! :)
    PS I hope the stampede is a challenge!!!! :)

  2. Oh Em Gee! How cute is everything?! I'm so glad I discovered your little gem of a store. I picked up several sets today.


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