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A No Peeking card

I was delighted at how differently all our designers used No Peeking. Our original vision was to have the cute animals peek from within the tag, but as you can see in our No Peeking highlights post, our designers had their own ideas. Love that.

I am getting a head start on Christmas gifts this year. Amazing, I know. I've already assembled a few and will be wrapping them soon with kraft wrapping paper. I'll be back to show you my real intent with the No Peeking stamp set then!

Before I go, I'd like to ask you what you want to see on this blog. Videos, tutorials, challenges, more of my ramblings, etc.? Thanks...


  1. I would love everything and anything on this blog :) Challenges and ramblings would definitely be my fav to read about!

  2. All of the above sound great! I love color challenges and cool new techniques. Bring on the inspiration with lots of samples, please. Happy Thanksgiving Mama Elephant!

  3. Always LOVE videos and challenges!! Its FUN to see and hear others talk about their process when making a card design!! Also its great to get to use your products and challenge yourself with different designs!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS THANSKGIVING WEEK!! =)

  4. I just discovered this blog and loved it so much I just bought 3 stamp sets! Can't wait to get them and start stamping away!

  5. I love your clean and simple style. I love videos tutorials. I'm a visual learner and I prefer hearing the thought process and details, rather than a looped tune that becomes annoying. LOL I've recently started a blog and quickly realize how much work it is, as I don't have any editing software. My hats off to all of the bloggers who do a good job, posting and editing their videos. I love all kinds of projects. Cards are my mainstay, but I love 3D, bags and boxes for treats. And things for the holidays.


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