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Merry and Bright

Hey friends!! Quick Saturday post to remind you that our first color challenge ends tomorrow at 3PM EST, so get your entries in!!

I have one more card to share that's super quick and simple...

I drew a hill on a large post it note, cut it out then masked off the top of the hill. I then took a versamark ink pad and directly inked the bottom of the hill making sure there is even coverage. After that, I tossed on some sticky embossing powder, heated it then sprinkled glitter while it's still hot" so that it adhered. 

So easy, right? The pole and sentiment is from Polar Pals.

To play along yourself, create a project with our colors below and link up!


  1. Oh wow! What a beautiful card!! It's stunning yet so simple!

  2. GET OUT! This is the CUTEST card ever! LOVE LOVE LOVE your use of these colors! FAB!

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