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Happy Holidays

Hi Everyone!

It's Angela here and here is my first blog post!  I know I've been pretty quiet here and it's because I've been working hard to learn all about this stamping world. I come from an animation background and then I went into graphic design. I  didn't know anything about stamping until I re-connected with Kryssi after all these years. It's been fun reminiscing about our childhood days while we pack our stamps.

In between designing and shipping I try to sneak a tutorial here and there to learn all about different tools and techniques to making a card. It's also been great inspiration for me from everyone who's posted their work on Flicker, Facebook and Twitter. So please, keep them coming and don't forget to join our challenge here!

So here is a card to all those who has inspired, taught and encouraged me through this whole learning process. Thank-you and I wish you and your family a safe and merry holiday.


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