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Our deepest sympathy...

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. As you may know, I live in New York. Newton, Connecticut is just a little over an hour drive for me. Newton, CT is also minutes away from Danbury, CT. My in-laws made their first home in Danbury when they moved to the United States some 40 years ago. My late mother in law also described it as the home where she spent the happiest years of her life.

I shudder to feel such tragedy hit so close to home. I also have a child in first grade, so that scares me even more. Like many of you, I feel helpless that the unthinkable can happen to innocent angels. I've snuggled both my kids a little harder and longer each day since. There's nothing we can do to turn the pages back, but we can all move forward and help with the healing process.

We have decided to donate 20% of our profits from now until January 15th to the families of the Newton victims.

Drawn Together: For the community of Sandy Hook Elementary School

We will also be making a monetary contribution to Drawn Together, a cause that Amber at Damask Love has put together to help the Newton community. I encourage you to visit the link, read up on it, and take action. If you would like to contribute by making a monetary donation directly, we will give away a $20 gift certificate to one random person who donates $20 or more through our donate link below. Thank you everyone, let's keep this going...

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  1. It's really a very sad week last week and this as well... and so near Christmas at that....


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