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Lunar Animals with Elena

Hi there, Elena here, with what will be my last post on the Mama Elephant design team. sniff!

I crafted a more masculine birthday card, using the adorable dog from Lunar Animals:

lunar animals {mama elephant designer spotlight}

I created a window for my focal scene using the new die set, All Prettied Up. I love the scallop frame! By not snipping the circle away from the larger rectangular die, I could cut out the circle and have it be perfectly centered.

lunar animals {mama elephant designer spotlight}

The dog is so cute. I stamped the little party hat (also included in the set) onto his head, and used the balloon from Carnival Toppers to make sure he's party-ready. The sentiment is from the exclusive set that Mama Elephant created for Simon Say Stamp, called Skater Kids. It's still available in the Simon Says shop - click!

I used a copic marker to color in the scallops of the circle frame, to make sure it stood out. I then flicked some white paint over the card-front before adhering everything together. Simple, but cute! And perfect for a little boy's birthday.

I hope you like it, and a huge thanks to Kryssi and Angela for the time I spent on their design team. Keep on making all the cute things!



  1. An adorable card Elena. I've really enjoyed your inspiration in the ME team & your designs.

  2. Super cute card! Thanks for all your inspiring ideas!

  3. Such a cutie Elena - love it! Particularly love the splatters. Sorry to hear you are leaving - thanks for all the inspiration.

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