We are wrapping Stamp Highlights up with Mini Messages. These stamps are itty bitty and oh so cute!

Nichol made a sweet little shaker card showcasing a Lunar Animals pup in a cardboard box adorned with three die cut and embossed Mini Messages Tags.


Deasy made adorable Valentine card using sentiment and florals from Mini Messages with cute critters holding the heart.

Vera create cute Birthday Card using "Mini Messages" stamp set along with Mini Tags Creative Cut.
Love the little mice holding heart pop up from the box!

Pamela backed the little tags with a piece of pattern paper and decorated each one with a holly. We love the different messages on the tags!

We love Laura's plaid gift card envelope made with the Lucky Envelopes!

We love Elena's Woodland Gifts animals for a holiday scene! With accessories from Arctic Penguins, Reindeer Games, and Alpine Carolers, these critters are holiday-party ready! The sentiment from Mini Messages ties the whole scene together!


  1. So adorable! These are all wonderful cards and envelopes! Awesome new release!

  2. Absolutely adorable! Love it all! Especially the baby card! What a fabulous release! Awesome job DT,

  3. Love the little messages. Often need something small to express my thoughts.

  4. Wow! These are adorable. I am now loving the mini messages. I was on the fence about them until now.

  5. Aww...These are all super cute!!

  6. Gorgeous cards. I love that little cardboard box. ♥

  7. i love the messages.. do you guys die cut first then stamp? I'm still trying to figure out how to nicely center my sentiments!

  8. I swear, you just can't go wrong with cute animal images. Who would not love all or one of them, and burst into a smile?

  9. Lots of colorful cards here and even a few Christmas cards even though its past Christmas. Hey, we are taking our tree down this weekend! I love them all and my mailbox and I would smile from here to the ends of the earth if one of those was gifted to me. What amazing cards!

  10. My ME happy mail arrived this Saturday and that's the die set I ordered {Nichol'card}! I love it :)


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