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Welcome to the last day of this month's Stamp Highlights! Today we are taking a closer look at the beautiful alphabet set, Calli Letters.

These letters are just perfect for a custom script sentiment! Pamela stamped her sentiment out using Calli Letters, decorated with a border from New Family and flowers from Lunar Extras.

Anna made light and soft card with embossed letters on the blue sky.

Deasy creates a rock band scene with fun sentiment and combine it with Hillside Cover Die

Laura used the Calli Letters to create her own custom sentiment on a shape card made with Pizazz Pieces.

With Calli Letters it's easy to make custom quotes on card, just like Vera's card.


  1. This is great! Although I love Mama Elephant sentiments in English, I am French speaking and I'll definitely get that stamp set to customize my cards in French! I love Mama Elephant!

  2. WONDERFUL set - love it and think it will be so cool to have - thanks for all the great products in this release!! I am so in love!!

  3. I love the fancy script. My sister used to do calligraphy and it looked like this. I took 4 years of art in high school and I learned it but mine was nothing like my sisters. Hers was way better. However, people who see my signature say it looks really nice. In high school a guy said my handwriting was groovy! LOL I like to write more then print. That being said I love all the cards. The colors are really nice, especially my favorite color, yellow! Nice job ladies!

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  5. Great alphabet set. It would help me to write some sentiments in Spanish since I am from Puerto Rico. I want it.

  6. This is my favorite set from the whole release! Wonderful letter and so many possibilities with them! Can't wait to get my stamps!

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