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INTRODUCING: Crafted With Love + Big Made With Love

Hi and welcome to today's Intro post where we take a look at this cutie patootie set called Crafted With Love illustrated once again by the lovely Aida Zamora! This set totally speaks to my creative heart! Aida isn't a papercrafter, so I threw out some ideas to her. I said what if we had an animals that stamp and color and die cut, just like us? I love he interpretation of stamping, with the baby fox hand stamping his prints on cardstock! But the cutest has got to be the bear die-cutting. Aida isn't familiar with die-cutting, so she had to look it up. I think she did a brilliant job, don't you?

Check out what Rina created with today's goodies!

[Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube]

Oh my gosh, these animals crafting together!!! Who do you think they're making cards for? ;)

Thanks for stopping by today! Rina did such a lovely job once again! See you tomorrow as we switch gears and go classic! XO!


  1. Oh too darling!
    Just the cutest
    stamps and cards.
    Carla from Utah

  2. Oh my goodness, that baby fox is killing me with his cuteness! These stamps are such a joy. Aida did a brilliant job.

  3. Sweet images and cards. I love your cute images and how well they all work together.

  4. Oh,this will be mine.This is the most perfect Crafters stamp set for gift creating.

  5. SOOO CUTE! I LOVE the little die cutting bear & baby fox, BUT I ADORE the little bunnies! LOL There is SOMETHING about those little faces! LOVE the one holding all the little hearts, the one with scissors & the one laying on the floor with crossed legs, it looks like! P.S. HOW could Aida NOT BE A STAMPER???? LOL SUPER SWEET!!! ;)<3 (MAYBE, these little critters are working on Christmas Cards???? ;)<3

  6. these are super cute!
    love them all!

  7. Sweet set, and adorable cards! LOVE the Big Made With Love sentiment!

  8. Just so cute! I love the crafting one...


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