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INTRODUCING: Snow Globe Bitties

I have always had a love for snow globes, those magic balls of glass with the itty bittiness of magic inside! I could stare at one for hours. It's no surprise that one of the very first sets Mama Elephant released is a snow globe as well -- Believe in Magic. While Believe in Magic still holds a special place in my heart, the new version Snow Globe Bitties is a bit different. Somewhat along the same lines of interchangeable inside images, the images we included are fun for many different recipients. We've got the classic car, snowmen, tree, fireplace, etc.

My favorite is the Rubik's Cube, which is totally a random throw in! My 13 year old daughter is a "speed cuber" (she can solve a 3x3 in 11 seconds), she's been obsessed with Rubik's Cubes for maybe 3 years now. She's been begging me to make a Rubik's Cube set for her. This is me keeping my end of the deal, lol!

Let's watch Rina take us through today's new products, shall we?

[Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube]

The Bitties work perfectly with our Flip Slider die!

Rina's cards are so fun today! Thank you for sharing, Rina! And thank you for coming by today!


  1. I seriously love that Rubik's Cube!!

  2. I just love that snow globe! So many possibilities! Can't wait!

  3. I have that Flip Slider Die, Rina! ;) I haven't used it yet either! LOL You make it look SO EASY!!! I just LOVE the interactive part & have been saving it for a SPECIAL CARD for someone! LOL I'm like that! I NEED to pull it out! ;) You did a WONDERFUL JOB on BOTH of your cards! SUCH A CUTE SET!!!! I can see those little sentiments DO COME IN HANDY!!! AN EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!!!!!! ;)<3

  4. I'm excited to see more of that flip slider die. I would love to get that!


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