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Hello and welcome to our second day of Intros! Do you know what I love most about the Zodiac series so far? Not only are we covering EVERYONE (eventually), but the series was also a fun challenge to illustrate and bring you some of the non traditional "stamp design" critters that are a dime a dozen. Oh, you know what I mean, the gazillion bunnies, bears, cats and dogs, lol... we're certainly guilty of it too!

We are unveiling the majestic Zodiac Horse today. Fun fact: both my parents are born in the year of the horse, so as I was looking up the traits of the horse, I found myself nodding... energetic, spirited, funny, etc, etc, uh huh, uh huh, yup, yup - that's 1000% my dad! But my mom? Nope, not so much! Hah! So, I have found these so called "traits" to be a hit or miss. How accurate have the zodiac signs been for you?

Anyways, here is the Zodiac Horse, the stamp version is super cute no matter what trait it possesses, love all the little accessories!

Let's sit back and enjoy Rina's Intro video now!

As always, thanks for stopping by! We hope to see you back here tomorrow as one of my favorite Zodiac animals is coming! The sheep!


  1. Adorable!! Excited for this release!

  2. These horses are sooo fun! I LOVe the barn scenes!

  3. How cute! Both my daughter and I were born during a "horse" year. The traits of the horse match her personality so well, me not so much.

  4. so cute stamps and gorgeous cards!

  5. These horses are adorable! Fun set!

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