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Hello and welcome! We're up to our 8th Zodiac animal now (just 4 more to go), and today we are looking at none other than the modest sheep. Fun fact for today: Angela and I are both born in the year of the sheep. I've been familiar with the written traits of the sheep my whole life and I generally agree with most points, although you do kind of pick and choose when you read these things, right? Like I said, hit or miss.

Anyway, yes, here is the stamp version of the sheep! I love how big and fluffy they are, lol! To me, they are the cutest in the Zodiac series. I like to think that Angela subconsciously gave her bestest efforts when designing the animal that represents us, lol. 

Here is Rina to walk you through the Intro and her project.

Thanks for coming by today! We pick up again tomorrow for the highly anticipated sloths! Can't wait, can't wait!!!


  1. I love that these sheep have little envelopes and cupcakes! TOO CUTE!!!

  2. You know, I have been thinking little sheep would be SUPER CUTE images! Like you've done the little bunnies.... A series of them. LOVE SHEEP!!! ;)<3

  3. Your cards are sooooo cute!!! Love these fluffy little sheep!!!


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