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Good morning! Today we've got a fun new set called Merrygrams AEIOUY! Obviously, we've got the letters A, E, I, O, U, Y... basically the vowels and the letter Y. You might be scratching your head a bit and wondering how this works. Well, if your name starts with these initials, that's great for you! They would be awesome for monogram tags and such! But the bigger picture is tying this in with the previously released Whimsy Alphas set. Now you can spell out short words like LOVE, YOU, JOY, HI, YAY, HEY, LUV, etc, etc, etc! They work even better for slimline cards for longer words! This opens up so many possibilities and will make a huge and super cute impact on those bold sentiments!

I'm sure Rina's got something fun up her sleeve today!

So so cute, don't you think? Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful rest of the day and see you again tomorrow!

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